Prison Break DVDs, Books and Videos

Prison Break DVDs, Books and Videos

There's a plan to make all of this right

Prison Break has become a worldwide phenomenon in a very short space of time, due mainly to the complicated and intricate plot, and some great acting. Wrongly imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, after been set-up by the authorities, Lincoln Burrows has been sentenced to death.

Lincolns brother Michael Scofield gets himself imprisoned in the same jail as his brother, and the story starts. Michael had earlier worked on the prisons ventilation system, and knows a complicated escape route, but requires assistance from other convicts.

The story builds as the numbers involved soon spirals out of control, creating bitter rivalries. Murders, twists and turns, and edge of your seat storylines, you will never guess which way the plot will turn next. This unique show is action packed all of the way, and unpredictable to the end..

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Prison Break DVDs, Books and Videos Erin from San Francisco on 29/Nov/2015 wrote:
The plot has obviously been very carefully thought out, they seem to fit so much into one episode.